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What Rhymes With Daisy?

Daisy, with eyes like chocolate sauce,
And fur like fallen snow,
You're the one I love of course,
More than you'll ever know.
Your pointy fangs have pierced the flesh
Of my beating heart.
You're the one who shines the best,
As bright as any star.
No other pet could e'er compare;
You're silly as can be.
Though you've never learned to share,
You share your love with me.
I know that you will live forever
And be forever young,
From your brain that is so clever
To your lollygagging tongue.
You are my favorite flower
And my favorite perfume.
At any day, at any hour,
Youre the sunshine breaking through.
You're like an endless summer;
Your heart is full of warmth.
You're my lucky number
And my rainbow in a storm.