DAISY (daisyissosilly) wrote,

Our Family Daisy

It's hard to believe it's already been a year since we lost our beloved Daisy. It seems like it was just yesterday I was taking her for a walk, chasing her around, rubbing her belly, and cuddling her. It also feels like that was a lifetime ago, because every day without her has been an eternity of loneliness.
Daisy was so loved by her family, and we will always miss her. We will never forget the joy she brought us with her smile and unpredictable silliness. She was truly the heart and soul of this family, and this video is in memory of that. It's a rather mundane video actually - nothing particularly cute or funny or crazy happens. But that was part of our reality. Just as often as she was the center of attention and doing goofy things, she was also just downstairs with the rest of the family while we watched TV, just relaxing. That was a part of our ordinary life together, too.
I miss both sides of her: the goofy, hyperactive attention-stealer, and the quiet, ever-contented sweetheart who was both a sister and a daughter to me, but who also, above all else, my best friend.
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